What to Bring on Evaluation Day

  1. Bring the completed packet of forms you were sent in the mail with you on the day of your evaluation.
  2. Bring copies of any medical records that you would like Dr. Houser-Betti to review. 
  3. Please bring a copy of your most recent lab results from your most recent medical/physical exam.  
  4. Please ensure that you document all medications that you are taking on the appropriate forms. 
  5. If you are taking a lot of medications, you can ask your pharmacist for a print out and bring the print out with you on the day of evaluation.
  6. Bring reading glasses or hearing aids if you use them. 
  7. Bring drinks/water bottle and snacks to munch on throughout the day, if you like. 
  8. You will have a 30-45 minute lunch break.  You may choose to eat at a local eatery or bring your own lunch.