Common Referral Questions

  • Do I have ADHD/ADD & if so, what type of treatment is recommended?
  • Is my memory normal for my age or do I have dementia, or some other medical or psychiatric disorder impacting my memory?
  • What is my I.Q.?  Do I have a learning disability? If so, do I qualify for special accommodations at work or school?
  • You may be referred due to a work related injury to assess your functioning and help determine if you have impairments that will impact your return to work and job performance.
  • You may be referred to assess your cognitive functioning after a stroke or brain injury in order to determine what special assistance or services you might need.
  • Referral may be to assess the need for guardianship for adults who have medical or psychiatric conditions that impair their decision making capacity.
  • Referral may be for diagnostic clarification to help identify your primary diagnoses to inform your current treatment needs.